An Angry Trump Voter Interrupted An Election Presser In Nevada By Shouting Wild Conspiracy Theories, And People Went Nuts

The 2020 presidential election has been one for the history books — a long and winding road that hasn’t even reached a final destination yet. It’s certainly the first presidential election in which one candidate took it upon themselves to declare victory in states they haven’t won, in the same manner with which Michael Scott once declared bankruptcy. Even with Joe Biden the likely champion, it’s looking likely that Trump won’t go quietly — and nor will his legions of hopped-up supporters.

On Wednesday, with absentee ballots being belatedly counted — and revealing a massive surge of support for Barack Obama’s former vice president — one of them interrupted a press conference held in Nevada, one of a handful of states that have yet to count all their votes, was interrupted. He did it in style, too, wearing a t-shirt bearing the words “BBQ BEER FREEDOM.” His attire amusingly clashed with his fiery — and baseless — message. And luckily it was caught on video and shared on social media.

The video finds the unidentified man crashing the podium during the relatively staid presser to repeatedly shout his conspiracy theories. “The Biden crime family is stealing the election! The media’s covering it up,” he screamed. “We want our freedom for the world!”

Perhaps this gentleman wanted his message amplified. It was — but not in the way he may have wished. The clip spread like wildfire across social media, where exhausted Biden voters, happy to have something amusing to relieve the tension of the last year (or years), seized upon it with glee.

Some praised the other star of the video.

Here’s another angle, if you’d like.

Some saw him as a reminder of what we may one day lose, perhaps soon.

On the other hand, maybe not.

For what it’s worth, the person the “BBQ BEER FREEDOM” shirt guy interrupted, according to The Hill, Registrar of Voters official Joe Gloria, who at the time was busy telling people that he was not prepared to say how many ballots had yet to be counted. Nevada is one of five states who, as of this writing, are still in contention, the others being Alaska, Georgia, North Carolina and Pennsylvania. Biden is currently ahead by about 93,000 votes, with 86% of the vote counted. Whatever the end result, this Trump guy probably isn’t going away quietly.

(Via The Hill)