Donald Trump Hated The Oscars More Than Everyone Else Combined

As with every awards ceremony, there was plenty to dislike about this year’s Oscars. It was long and tedious, there were technical mishaps, Zac Efron was allowed to “talk,” and Ellen may or may not be your cup of tea. But there was also plenty to like, from dogs pooping to J-Law falling to Bill Murray hijacking to Matthew McConaughey winning/speaking.

No matter your opinion, you probably enjoyed the Academy Awards a whole lot more than Donald Trump, who live-tweeted a storm of over-the-top critiques that would have been impressive if it wasn’t so damn obnoxious.

At the risk of shoveling more fuel into the gullet of this already well-fed troll, let’s check in with America’s foremost expert on all things culture and class, shall we?

Two things: I’m genuinely shocked it took him so long to work in an Obamacare zinger, and the charisma and majesty of Matthew McConaughey seems to be the only thing capable of stopping a Donald Trump troll roll dead in its tracks.

Like any self-assured person on Twitter, Trump closed the night by retweeting anyone who had nice things to say about his tantrum/performance. For that avalanche of delusion, you can head over to Mr. Trump’s feed.