Apparently No One Wants To Read A Book About Tucker Carlson Now That He’s No Longer On Fox News

When was the last time you thought about Tucker Carlson? It’s probably been awhile since he’s no longer spewing his wild conspiracy theories every night on Fox News. It seems the public at large has also forgotten about Carlson, based on the number of copies a biography about him sold.

According to Publisher’s Weekly, Tucker by Chadwick Moore sold a measly 3,227 hardcover copies in its first week of release. That puts it outside the 500 best-selling books on Amazon (it’s currently #614). Tucker isn’t even #1 among Television Performer Biographies; it’s trailing behind books from Trevor Noah, Jennette McCurdy, and Matthew Perry, all of which have been out for awhile.

The Guardian reports:

Striking passages include Carlson denying being racist but saying to be so is not a crime, and the host’s defense of using the word “c*nt”, a preference which came up in the Dominion case regarding a description of Sidney Powell, a lawyer advising Trump about supposed electoral fraud. In Moore’s biography, Carlson says the abusive term is “one of my favorite words … super naughty, but it’s to the point.”

I can think of two reasons why Tucker isn’t selling: Tucker Carlson saying the word “naughty.” And this cover:

All Seasons Press

I do not miss seeing that man’s confused face.

(Via Guardian)