Tucker Carlson Is So Very Mad About Don Lemon’s ‘White Supremacist QAnon Cookie Jar’

The day after The New York Times‘ Ben Smith reported that Fox News’ Tucker Carlson is secretly “a great source” for unflattering stories about Donald Trump, a reasonable person would expect Tucker to, you know, say something to deny (because let’s get real, he won’t confirm this) the story. He did not do so, which is actually in line with his generally evasive tactics as displayed in Smith’s own article (he asked Tucker the still-pressing question of whether he’d been vaccinated, and the Fox News host deflected with a question about Smith’s sex life).

What did Tucker talk about instead? He took aim at CNN host Don Lemon following a Washington Post magazine profile interview, in which Lemon promotes his book, This Is the Fire: What I Say to My Friends About Racism. In all fairness, the publication did clarify that Lemon lives in Sag Harbor, N.Y., but Tucker took that ball and ran with it, declaring the following while claiming that Lemon actually doesn’t care about diversity. Carlson detailed how Lemon’s home is worth “$4.3 million” and lives in a community that “is just 3% African-American.” He then added, “When he didn’t tell The Washington Post is that in his free time he runs away from diversity.”

That wasn’t all. Carlson zeroed in on a photo that was apparently taken inside Lemon’s kitchen and accused the CNN host of having a “white supremacist QAnon cookie jar.”

Things got weird, fast. “You might not always see it, but like Russian spies, white supremacists come in the dark of night, in the most surprising form,” Carlson warned. “They’re shapeshifters. Now, we’re not calling anyone a white supremacist here, but you have to ask yourself… what is this symbol of hate posing as a cookie jar, doing in Don Lemon’s kitchen?”

Carlson continued: “Do you see that? That right there, ladies and gentlemen, is a white supremacist, QAnon, cookie jar.” He didn’t explain why he felt that this cookie jar was connected to the QAnon conspiracy but went on to call it “a blackface cookie jar” and declared that “it’s time to reflect.” And Don Lemon has yet to comment on the subject.

(Via Fox News & Washington Post)