Tucker Carlson’s First-Grade Teacher Will Not Stand For How He Trashed Her With ‘Embellished’ And ‘Crazy’ Lies

Tucker Carlson gets away with saying almost anything. Sure, he’ll occasionally get dressed down by a top general, but that won’t stop him from continually trashing the U.S. military, ironically enough, in front of an extremely pro-military audience. There’s one person who’s defense against Tucker’s lies might have an impact, though? That would be his first-grade teacher, Marianna Raymond (age 77) who recently learned that her former student has been trashing the heck out of her as part of his origin story. Yep, he’s created his own origin story like he’s a superhero of the far-right, and it’s so, so silly.

What’s important here is that Mrs. Raymond is calling shenanigans on Tucker. She was, apparently, living out a blissful retirement after guiding a career full of children, and unbeknownst to her, Tucker, who she remembered as “very precious and very, very polite and sweet,” was trash-talking her in his book, Ship Of Fools. A new Washington Post article from Michael Kranish reveals how he contacted her to set the record straight, and via CNN’s Brian Stelter, her response was “oh my God… That is the most embellished, crazy thing I ever heard.”

Tucker said a lot of not-too-believable things about her in his book. That includes him saying that she was “a parody of earth-mother liberalism” with “little interest in conventional academic topics, like reading and penmanship.” Carlson portrayed Raymond as (theatrically) telling her students, “The world is so unfair! You don’t know that yet. But your’ll find out!” He also blamed Raymond for not teaching him to read: “Mrs. Raymond never did teach us; my father had to hire a tutor to get me through phonics.” As Tucker puts it, this alleged omission led to him becoming conservative because he was so disgusted by Raymond’s liberal ways. Man, he couldn’t even come up with an entertaining origin story for his villainy? Someone call Kevin Feige.

(Via Washington Post)