Tucker Carlson Is Being Mocked After Claiming His Damning Hunter Biden Evidence Was Lost In The Mail

For weeks, members of conservative media have claimed they have dirt on Hunter Biden, proof of corruption that will torpedo the presidential hopes of his father, Joe Biden. It was supposed to be their “October surprise,” their version of the (thoroughly discredited) “Swift Boat” scandal that helped sink George W. Bush rival John Kerry back in 2004. But it hasn’t been going well. Despite constant coverage on Fox News and various media sites, hard evidence has failed to materialize, and the general public doesn’t appear to be buying it. On his show Wednesday night, as per The Daily Beast, Tucker Carlson suggested he could turn the tide, claiming he had concrete proof of Hunter’s malfeasance. That proof, he claimed, just got lost in the mail.

Carlson had gone all-in on the supposed Hunter Biden scandal. The previous night he interviewed Tony Bobulinski, a former associate who claimed the former Vice President’s son was lying when he denied his involvement in businesses in China that rendered him a security risk. But that wasn’t the smoking gun. Carlson swore he had such a thing — “a series of confidential documents,” he promised, would finally crush Hunter, and his father, for good. They were being overnighted — not via the still crippled United States Postal Service, but through an undisclosed shipping company.

Perhaps he should have used the Louis DeJoy-led USPS after all. “Tuesday morning we received word from the shipping company that our package had been opened and the contents were missing,” he said, gravely. “The documents had disappeared.”

Carlson then hatched an elaborate, though also incredibly vague, plot about how those documents were allegedly stolen. Only problem? An extensive investigation turned up no leads, no sign of a conspiracy, no explanation for what could have happened. The way he put it, it all sounded fishy.

But on social media, people had another theory, one that’s a better fit for Occam’s Razor, which says that the simplest explanation is often the one that’s correct.

Others thought it sounded like the excuse a school student would make.

Others pointed out that Carlson, like most conservatives, should not be complaining about the mail screwing up in 2020.

Others kept it simple: They just mocked Tucker Carlson.

Then again, it does sounds suspicious, if not in the way Tucker thinks it does.

(Via The Daily Beast)