Tucker Carlson Is Mock-Endorsing Kamala Harris For President In 2024

For a few brief and glorious moments back in late May, Fox News viewers witnessed the faintest glint of a teeny tiny spark of empathy from Tucker Carlson when he railed against the inactions of the police in Uvalde, Texas while 21 people were murdered at Robb Elementary School. It was a short-lived dalliance with compassion, as Carlson was back on his bullsh*t the following evening—and hasn’t stopped since.

On Tuesday night, as Mediaite reports, Carlson decided to launch a mock endorsement campaign for Kamala Harris as president in 2024. After playing a montage of some of the vice president’s less eloquent speeches, Carlson feigned outrage that anyone would “deny” Harris the chance to rise to the highest office in the land and, yet again, brought up the fact that she once dated Montell Williams (an odd tidbit the Fox News is oddly obsessed with repeating):

You would deny that person a chance to serve? That is the person that Democratic insiders are tonight, ladies and gentlemen, trying to remove from the public stage. And if no one else will say it, we will: it’s wrong. Despite appearances, Kamala Harris is not a disposable consumer product. She’s a pioneer. Do you know what she went through trying to get a fair shake in this systemically racist country as the daughter of college professors? It wasn’t easy. You know how hard she worked? At one point, she even dated Montel Williams…

Now, simply because she’s a moron and no one likes her or even agrees how to pronounce her first name, the Democratic Party is trying to throw Harris away—toss her out the window like a used Big Mac wrapper. Now, Kamala Harris may be stained with secret sauce, but she deserves more than that. Yes, she does. Mediocrity is no excuse for firing someone. A low I.Q., terrible personality, total inability to do the prescribed job—those are not reasons to deny someone a job.

With that, Carlson announced that he was “endorsing Kamala D. Harris for the 2024 Democratic primaries” because “She deserves it and so do Democrats. They created her. They should be forced to live with her.”

(Via Mediaite)