‘Storing Nuts For Winter?’: People Are Freaking Out Over Vladimir Putin’s New Freakishly Bulbous Face

Did Vladimir Putin’s cosmetology train strike again? Earlier this year, the world heard about Putin’s so-called “ghost train” not only being his stealthy way to travel in between presidential homes, including his pickle-stocked compound, but also giving him several helping hands for one of his favorite pastimes: pursuing that Russian fountain of youth.

The 71-year-old oligarch was said to actually be slightly panicking at the beginning of his war on Ukraine, not because of the loss of life but because his Botox supply had allegedly begun to shut down. Before long, it became clear that Putin was still getting that fix, and it sounds like he has added some other indulgences to his self-care roster.

Ukrainian Advisor to the Minister of Internal Affairs Anton Gerashchenko would like to draw everyone’s attention to this Kremlin video clip of Putin looking unnaturally jolly. And newly bulbous.

There’s something going on there for sure. People tend to fixate upon Putin’s health, and that includes his changing appearance. This isn’t the first time that he has showed up looking refreshed, but here, the train went overboard, and people were all over it. Responses include the rhetorical question of “Storing nuts for the winter?” As well, Botox, fillers, steroids were mentioned, and yes, body-double speculation happened, but we don’t include any of that latter category until a joke at the end.

An account actually calling itself “Putin’s Double” has weighed in, too.