Turns Out Worf's 'Castlevania' Movie Actually Does Exist. Well, Sort Of

Remember a while back when we reported that Michael “Worf” Dorn was saying he was going to be playing a werewolf in a Castlevania movie? It was kind of confusing, because there didn’t seem to be any sort of Castlevania movie in production. Had Worf just lost his mind? Thankfully the truth isn’t quite that sad (although, you know, still fairly sad) — the “Castlevania movie” Worf was talking about is actually a fan-made, unsanctioned Castlevania web series called Castlevania: Hymn of Blood.

Interestingly Hymn of Blood is actually backed by IGN and looks quite a bit more professional than your average fan film. We’re talking at least Uwe Boll levels of production here. Oh, and Counsellor Troi will also appear in the series at some point. Uh, hooray? You can check out the first episode Castlevania: Hymn of Blood (which contains a snippet of Worf near the end) after the jump…

Not exactly mind blowing, but they did throw a baby into a fire. Don’t usually see that in video game movies.

via Blastr

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