Twitter Went Down Across The Globe, And Everyone Has Jokes (And Conspiracy Theories)

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Twitter went down for users across the globe for about an hour on Thursday. As Cnet reports, many were confronted with a landing page that read, “Something is technically wrong” whenever they tried to log in during the early afternoon (on the United States east coast, that is). Their official account cheekily posted “miss us?” as services gradually returned to normal, but not before said outage had become a trending topic on Google and other social media platforms.

As for what caused the outage precisely, Twitter has yet to officially divulge this information — most likely because their engineers are still trying to figure this out. Even so, that didn’t stop users (who had been forced to go outside and breathe unfiltered air for an hour) from commenting on the sudden shutdown at length. Many of the usual jokes and comments made the rounds, as did a few new quips from the platform’s more prominent users.

Chrissy Teigen, who admitted that she “[has] a real problem,” poked fun at herself once things returned to normal.

But the real fun was the collective realization that, right around the time that Twitter’s global outage began, President Donald Trump’s controversial “Social Media Summit” at the White House was underway. So, yeah… many are already ironically (and seriously) stoking the conspiracy theory fires.

We are living in the worst of the worst timelines.