Aaron Hernandez Possibly Killing Someone Has Made Him A Sex Symbol For Crazy Women On Twitter

06.26.13 6 years ago 14 Comments

So Aaron Hernandez may have killed a guy. This morning the NFL Tight End was arrested and charged with murder of an associate of his and things aren’t looking good for him. The Patriots cut him and gotten rid of his jerseys. And he’s in jail without bail until trial.

Well, if this is any consolation, women on Twitter still think he’s totally sexy. And throughout the entire day, they showed support by saying how totally hot he was. That hotness apparently means he really didn’t kill a guy…and if he did, he didn’t need to go to jail for it.

Here are some of those tweets. If you want to see more (because, why?), you can head to Neil Hamburger’s page as he RT’d a bunch of these depressing tweets.

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