If ‘Black Mirror’ Needs Plot Ideas For Season Five, Twitter Has Some Unsettling Pitches

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Did you spend your New Year’s holiday weekend binge watching the entire new season of Netflix’s disturbingly prescient, dystopian sci-fi anthology series Black Mirror? If so, you probably had a pretty unsettling weekend. Or you may have spent the whole first episode, “USS Callister”, wondering — like this person did — if Jesse Plemons was was Matt Damon in prosthetics. Or perhaps you might have been wondering, what are they going to do for season five? Luckily, Twitter already has some plot suggestions.

Some Twitter users pitched ideas that had sort of already been realized by Her, The Truman Show, and a ’90s Disney movie (Directed by LeVar Burton! Starring Katey Sagal!) that we need in our lives immediately:

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