‘Black Mirror’ Juxtaposes Their Horrors With Ours In This Appropriately Unsettling ‘Happy New Year’ Video

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Screw the confetti and chilled champagne. The real way to ring in 2018 is to be huddled into a ball clutching an empty bottle of vodka while wrapped in a blanket of expertly crafted bleakness. Yes, Black Mirror is back and the Netflix anthology series has popped on a party hat in this special video celebrating what a magical world we live in heading into the new year. Or more accurately, it’s a vision of how our world and the world of Black Mirror have melded into one big horrorshow where life itself is a coal-black comedy. BREAK OUT THE STREAMERS AND JALAPENO POPPERS! We didn’t even need a David Cameron scandal involving a pig to get there this year.

Every bit as on-brand as you might imagine, the special Happy New Year video nestled above mixes current IRL subjects that are rather Black Mirror friendly (Trump, technology, Infowars) and blends them with visions from Charlie Brooker and Annabel Jones’ acclaimed anthology series. ABBA’s “Happy New Year” soundtracks the affair because of course, it would. The season 4 promo is sharp, unsettling and everything you could really ask for as a fan of the program.

Speaking of season 4, UPROXX’s Alan Sepinwall has watched the latest batch of Black Mirror episodes and he’s reviewed them all.

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