Twitter Reacts Hilariously To The Great East Coast Earthquake Of 2011

Well, that was interesting. Since everyone who was on the East Coast of the United States this afternoon will probably spend the rest of their lives recounting where they were and what they were doing when #earthquake2k11 hit, here’s my story: I’m staying at some friends’ place in NYC’s East Village for a few weeks while they’re in Australia. I was, and am, working while laying in a bed in their apartment with one of their two cats next to me. Suddenly, the bed began to sway back and forth. At first I thought it was the other cat up to some sort of cat-mischief under the bed. Then it hit me that there was no way that the cat was strong enough to move me and the bed the way it was moving, so I got up. That’s when I noticed the flatscreen in the living room rocking back and forth on its stand. The horror! Also, the afternoon latte I’d just bought down the street almost toppled on the nightstand. DOUBLE HORROR!
So naturally, I did what any person of the internet would do: I grabbed my phone and immediately opened my Twitter app. And of course, I wasn’t the only one who did this, as Twitter seemed to be instantaneously swamped with people WTFing in the same manner as I was. When it was all done and it was confirmed that what we all just experienced was indeed an earthquake, the jokes, of course, started flying, effectively turning #earthquake2k11 into #mirthquake2k11. Seriously, there was some good sh*t flying around Twitter in the past hour or so. And I’ve collected a gallery of a few of my favorites for you guys. Enjoy!
(Gif via Mr. Gif)

This one’s not funny at all. Conversely, it’s scary as f*ck.
And finally, my own offering…