Two ‘Pokemon Go’ Players Fell Off A Cliff In California


It has only been available for a week, but Pokemon Go is a bonafide sensation. People are doing whatever they can to ‘catch ’em all’. Folks are risking their lives in order to catch a Venusaur, or getting into car accidents to nab a Zubat. Trust us, catching your sixth Zubat isn’t worth an early death or increased car insurance payments. Despite the warning screen that pops up when you open the game to tell you to watch your surroundings, two Pokemon Go players in California are now tending to their bruised limbs (and pride) after they fell off a cliff while playing the hit game.

USA Today reported that two men ages 21 and 22 disregarded warning signs for a bluff after jumping a fence trying to catch Pokemon by seaside cliffs in Encinitas, CA. Fire Marshall Anita Pupping said that one of the “trainers” fell 50 feet and was found unconscious while his friend fell a staggering 90 feet but according to authorities, was not unconscious. Pupping also stated,“The fire department had to extricate them with ropes and harnesses.” The San Diego County Sheriff’s Department made a statement that allegedly one of the men consumed alcohol before the incident. SDSO will not be pressing charges against the men who were rushed to La Jolla Trauma Center for treatment. The extent of their injuries is currently unknown. It is also unknown what Pokemon they were trying to catch when they each became nominated for a future Darwin Award.

(Via USA Today)