Two Teens Broke Into A Pennsylvania Home… And Proceeded To Bake Pot Brownies

It’s only August, but we’ve already seen a crapload of #DUMBCRIMINALS this year. How could we forget the thieving geniuses who took a selfie with the iPhone they had just stolen? Or the tech-savvy intruder who, during the actual burglary, checked Facebook but forgot to log out? Or the robber who was chased off by a backscratcher-wielding woman?

Now, we’ve got two new knuckleheads to add to this ever-growing illustrious list: pair of teens with an appetite for stupidity. Martha Stewart would be proud:

Police say two 17-year-old boys have been charged with breaking into a Pennsylvania home and baking drug-laced brownies.

Police say the burglary happened late July 22 in Perkiomen Township, though the department only recently publicized it.

Police say the boys were found with drug paraphernalia and more than 2 pounds of the unspecified drug used to make the brownies.

The boys have been charged in Montgomery County Juvenile Court.

Via Huffington Post