Uh Oh, That Hawaiian Road Rage Lady Is In Trouble, Now

Last week we brought you a video of a Hawaiian woman who lost her f*cking mind after being cut off, jeopardizing her son’s life and threatening a fellow motorist in the ensuing confrontation. As it turns out, that woman — now identified as Kimberly Ong — committed a felony in said confrontation for “unauthorized entry of a motor vehicle,” and has since been arrested and charged.

For his part, the other driver involved in the incident, Ryan Arakaki, admits that he did cut her off due to the fact that Ong had been looking down (probably at her phone) and not paying attention to the road. When she suddenly looked up and saw another car in front of her, she nearly rear-ended him, which initiated the road rage.

Still, it seems like maybe an overreaction to an incident to which she was at least somewhat at fault, but Ong isn’t feeling super regretful of the situation, as she tells Honolulu’s KITV4:

“I was super, super angry.  I really was angry,” said Kimberly Ong.  “And, of course, he was taunting me somewhat.  So, that obviously made me even more angry.  I’m not the most happy about it.  But, I could have probably chose some better words to use.  I was upset and it’s apparent.  I don’t totally 100 percent regret it.”

Hey, YOLO! Right? Well, if she’s learned anything from this, hopefully next time she wants to play Candy Crush while driving, she’ll at least let her son take the wheel. Safety first!

(Via Huffington Post)

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