"Uncharted" Goes to Coruscant In "Star Wars: 1313"

LucasArts, as a game company, has seen some sad, ugly times. Ever since they decided to ditch adventure games in favor of turning out licensed Star Wars games, well, the quality of their output depends on who you ask. And whether a Kinect is involved.

But that doesn’t mean they can’t make a good game, and honestly, there’s some interesting stuff, so far, from “Star Wars: 1313”.

You play a bounty hunter, although LucasArts is being coy over just who (our money’s on Dash Rendar, for the record), fighting their way through level 1313, a criminal underground in the capital planet of the Empire. No Force powers in this one, just gadgets and presumably a few run-ins with b-listers from the movies. As they call it “cinematic”, we’re assuming that’s code for “linear levels”, but what the heck, it could still be fun.

image via LucasArts