UPROXX ‘Archer’ Live Blog: ‘El Contador’

I expected last week’s inaugural Archer live blog to go well. I went in prepared to have thirty conversations with myself if need be though. But man, things even exceeded my expectations thanks to you guys turning the comments section into a virtual Fort Kickass. Let’s run it back tonight, shall we?

The winner for best comment and overall fine contribution goes to The Evil Twin, who closed with this gem:

“I want to take Amber Nash out for a nice steak dinner and then introduce her my parents. Then I want to very discreetly fatten her up over the next few months, convince her to dye her hair blond, and finally get matching Lord Byron tattoos on our backs.”

We’ve got the same giveaway going for this week’s live blog. Best comment/commenter wins Archer Seasons 1 & 2 on DVD + a copy of “How to Archer: The Ultimate Guide to Espionage and Style and Women and Also Cocktails Ever Written.” Bring your clever.

Starting next week we’ll be trading giveaway swag for special guests, where we’ll be providing some unprecedented insight into the show via those who know it best. In real time. Get excited.

Pre-show talking points…

  • “El Contador” translates to “The Accountant,” which is certainly reference to Cyril being promoted to field agent for a South American operation.
  • Based on the preview clip below anticipate jokes on Cyril’s outfit to be a running gag. I see no way Steve Irwin doesn’t get a mention.
  • Burt Reynolds looks like a one-off guest appearance. We’ll always have tickle GIFs.
  • “Malory institutes a strict drug-testing policy” this episode.” Pam scoring clean urine or GTFO.
  • FX just released “Paralyzed,” a Ray Gillette-centric vintage opening sequence. So, um, yeah, think it’s safe to assume the wheelchair is a keeper.
  • There’s still some confusion on what exactly constitutes “the most dangerous game”…

Predictions? Cyril burn suggestions? Drug reference wishes? Media you’d like to see added? Please let us know and we’ll discuss/debate pre-show.

Full-on live blogging begins at 10PM EST (still sucks to be you, West Coast). Anticipate various UPROXX personality chime-ins. Please join in on the good times. Follow us @KDMaske, @TheCajunBoy, and @UPROXX for reminders. Special guests next week!

UPDATE: Tonight we’ll be launching a “Sploosh!” badge to award our best and most active commenters. Bring your A game. You’ll know when you’ve unlocked it.