UPROXX ‘Archer’ Open Thread: ‘Bloody Ferlin’ With Associate Art Director Chad Hurd

Tonight we welcome Archer Associate Art Director Chad Hurd to our season long discussion as the show escorts us into the backwoods of West Virginia, Archer-style, with “Bloody Ferlin.” In weeks past EP Matt Thompson, Producer Casey Willis, Art Director Neal Holman have delighted us with behind-the-scenes info and tonight is sure to be more of the same with Chad.

A quick bio from The Chad himself:

“I started working for Matt Thompson on The Xtacles for Adult Swim after Neal Holman saw some of my artwork online. I started off as an illustrator and after the show ended the studio began working on the pilot episode for Archer. Thankfully it was a success and since then I have had the chance to wear a lot of different hats on the show. Lead Illustrator, Illustration Director, Storyboard Artist, and now Associate Art Director.

“For this episode, I did a lot of different work. Designing the trailers and environments, setting angles, and helping with storyboards. This is one of my favorite episodes of the season! “

I can’t even begin to get my ahead around the wealth of comedy we have in store for us tonight. Chad has also been awesome enough to share design artwork for “Bloody Ferlin” that I’ll add to the thread after the show airs. Let’s just say he’s not joking about the work that goes into designing white trash trailers.

Pre-show talking points…

Open thread. Starts. Now. Live blog with Chad Hurd begins promptly at 10PM EST, but he may drop in beforehand if you guys ask good questions. As always, everyone is encouraged to chat and GIF away well into the morning. I’ll put a cap on things in the AM.

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