UPROXX Live Blog: 2012 Golden Globe Awards

As you may have already noticed, 2012 is going to be a more conversational year here at UPROXX. Discussions, live blogs, cougar chats, etc. — we just want to get to conversing a little more with you guys. We especially want to turn our focus to live events, because tooling on things as they happen is much more fun when it’s done between like-minded individuals with a penchant for dickish sarcasm.

And what better way to kick things off than with the Golden Globes? Borrowing from Stefon: THIS. AWARDS. SHOW. HAS. EVERYTHING. Movies + Television, drunk celebrities, categories people care about, bad teleprompter jokes, a sham premise, a host looking to go further below the belt than he did the previous year (even if those jokes were more obvious and mean than they were funny).

So we encourage you to join the UPROXX family this Sunday evening at roughly 8PM EST as we live blog the ever living sh*t out of this thing. Right here. In this post. Via the comments. Film nominees here. Television nominees here. Beef up and chime in, please.

I think it’s best if we all get our Ron Swanson/Nick Offerman robbery sentiment out early…

UPDATE: You’ll notice several new upgrades to our commenting system. They’re all designed to enhance the conversation. UPROXX staff now has the ability to embed images and videos. We’ll be rewarding top commenters with these capabilities shortly. With great power comes great responsibility.

We’ve also enabled real-time comment updates to indicate when you should refresh and we’ve reversed the comment order. Comments now flow newest to oldest. This is a major change but it’s necessary to keep threads manageable. It’s an acquired taste — like Korean food or the pleasure of my company — so give it a chance!