Everyone’s Making The Same Pixar Joke About The USPS’ New Sleek Mail Trucks With Huge Windshields

The United States Postal Service has been through a lot in the last six months, with new Trump appointee Louis DeJoy coming under fire for making so many severe changes that the mail has slowed down. Some even thought it was part of a dastardly scheme to help his boss steal the election in a year heavily reliant on mail-in ballots. But though DeJoy, for complicated reasons, remains in power, there are some better changes afoot: They’re getting new, sleeker mail trucks! One catch: A lot of people think they look Pixar-esque.

According to The New York Post, the USPS unveiled their replacement for the iconic Grumman LLV trucks that have long crept across the country, delivering mail in rain, snow, etc. This new truck has a much lower front hood, which now looks, as the Post puts it, like “the front beak of a duck.” That leaves plenty of room for a much, much taller windshield.

You won’t see them everywhere at once; they’re slated to roll out over the next 10 years, replacing their beat-up predecessors. Moreover the design isn’t finalized. That’s good because when images hit the internet, everyone made the same Pixar joke, tacitly comparing them to the automobiles with giant eyes in their windshields in the series Cars.

At least one person went with another animation favorite.

Mind you, this doesn’t mean the designers should go back to the drawing board. Who doesn’t want to live in Pixar’s Cars? In any case, this is far, far from the worst thing that’s happened under Louis DeJoy’s watch.

(Via The New York Post)