'Venture Bros.' Unleashes Brock With 'O.S.I. Love You'

The fifth season of The Venture Bros. has been nothing short of brilliant. And this episode, featuring Brock and the O.S.I., is no exception, both developing the series’ mythology and having some of the funniest moments of the season so far.

This marks a rare episode this season in that has the entire main cast in it for the whole episode, albeit Brock and the Venture family barely interact. See, the O.S.I. has finally bagged Monstroso, and Molotov Cocktease into the bargain. Needless to say, once they’re on the O.S.I. helicarrier, things go horribly wrong.

The Ventures are added into the mix because Hatred would like his breasts removed. Apparently, they’re the result of his super-soldier serum and his anti-molestation drugs having an adverse reaction, and when things go to hell, Hatred does his best to protect the family. Needless to say, it isn’t enough.

What happens next is probably one of the most action-packed episodes of the show. For all its satirical nature, the show actually does action scenes quite well, and this is essentially a string of them edited around the conceit of the O.S.I. team being debriefed after it’s all gone off the rails. Suffice to say Molotov Cocktease is more than up to the task of taking out OSI agents, and there’s more to this than just taking down the Guild.

This was possibly the best episode of the season, showing both the team’s filmmaking chops and comedic sensibilities. And it even ends on something of a bittersweet note: If the show’s theme is failure, Brock’s is his inability to let go of Molotov, even after years of struggle, even if he wants nothing more than to move on. The world he lives in simply won’t let him.

A few notes:

  • Brock quoting Bill Clinton might be the best pop cultural reference of the episode. The fact that it’s accurate just makes it funnier.
  • It looks like Shore Leave and the Alchemist are making a go of it as a couple.
  • The Duke and Scarlet analogues arguing with each other over what constitutes “blonde” shows just how good this show is at making fun of stupid relationship squabbles.
  • Apparently The Sovereign is not actually David Bowie… but he is on the cover of Diamond Dogs.
  • Have your finger on the rewind button when Shore Leave rattles off code-names; they’re all both hilariously awful and great send-ups of G.I. Joe.
  • Gathers continues to bitterly resent having his surgery reversed, something the show plays for some character based comedy not once, but twice. By the end of the episode, you really feel bad for the poor guy.