This Starbucks Manager Loses Her Cool Over A Cookie Straw And Loses Her Job In The Process

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05.17.15 25 Comments

This Starbucks supervisor in Queens forgot her customer service training during a recent incident involving an allegedly stolen cookie straw. Ruby Chen was the target of the tongue-thrashing seen in the video according to The Daily News, drawing the wrath of a shift supervisor only identified as “Melissa” over what Chen calls miscommunication:

“I didn’t hear her coworker asking my name to put on cup at first because I was opening my reward app on my phone to pay,” Chen wrote on Starbucks’ Facebook page. “Then Melissa started to shout at me saying hey helloooo with very bad attitude…

“And till now, I haven’t figured out which word aggravated her,” she wrote in her complaint to the coffee chain.

The worker allegedly accused Chen of stealing the straw and snatched away the price scanner when she tried to pay, the customer said. Then she unloaded on Chen, saying at one point she could leave with the treat and never come back.

“Really?! Call me stealing!” Chen said on Facebook. “I felt so bad for what happened.”

The footage in these clips was originally posted on Chen’s Facebook page and she directed some complaints at Starbucks via social networking. The company soon replied according to The Daily News, saying that the employee involved had been suspended and would no longer be working for the company.

(Via The Daily News / Ruby Chen)

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