Watch How Angry This Dog Gets At Being Flipped Off

Pets have aversions to the weirdest things. My 14-year-old Australian shepherd has always harbored a deep and bitter hostility toward cardboard tubes from paper towels or wrapping paper. I have a cat who has a love-hate relationship with orange peels, to the point that they literally make her gag when she’s near them. And this dog really, really hates being flipped off.

In the minute or so long clip above, the tiny little dog transforms from a mild-mannered canine to a snarling hell beast at the mere suggestion that it’s gonna get the bird. I would watch it if I were this guy. It’s all fun and games until somebody loses a finger, and then what is this guy going to do from now on when somebody cuts him off behind the wheel.

(In all seriousness, you probably shouldn’t train your dog to actually attack you. Even if it is little and cute.)

(Via Reddit)