This Video Of Kids Scared Of Their Shadows Will Give Parents Some Very Bad Ideas

On the morning after the BCS Championship Game, and after I’d received my first email with a link to a video of a little kid crying over the Auburn Tigers losing to FSU, I made a very heroic decision to not post any of those stupid videos (like this one) in 2014. It was funny maybe one time, and there’s something about watching little kids being coaxed into crying by their advantageous and unoriginal parents that just seems wrong. No wait, it doesn’t seem wrong, it just is wrong.

But if something a little more natural causes a kid to cry, like looking at his or her own tiny shadow, for example, then I’ll step down from my soapbox and laugh like a big, ol’ meanie face. At least that’s how I reacted to this video compilation of little kids freaking out over their shadows. Mother Nature can be the best prankster of them all sometimes.

(H/T to Sploid)