This Video Of Possums Eating Bananas Will Haunt Your Dreams Forever

Today in “videos that will haunt your dreams,” Mashable brings us a truly horrifying display of banana eating by a group of opossums. It’s almost sad that opossums get such a bad rap. After all, they would probably be pretty cute if they didn’t have those creepy eyes that looked like they are boring directly into your soul at all times. Or if they weren’t night creatures that creep around and apparently spent their time secretly hunting for bananas to maw on like hell beasts.

There are a lot of questions to be answered here, but most of all who gave these opossums bananas and why they then decided to videotape them the entire time it takes for them to fully chew the fruit. Is this a hobby? Do they have a stash of all different kinds of animals chewing bananas? The internet can be a magical place, but with this video it’s taken a weird turn. Meanwhile, these opossum’s mom should really start teaching them not to chew with their mouths open. It’s rude!

(via Mashable)