Watch This Teen Driver Get Royally Owned By A Furious Old Man

This is what happens when you attempt to leave the scene of an accident after running into an old man who is tired of putting up with these damn kids and their music. The situation takes place in Yakima, Washington and the teen driver seen cowering behind the wheel reportedly drove off, forcing our senior citizen avenger to give chase. After some defensive driving and an attempt at shaking the angry old guy, the incident in the video above happened. Newstalk provides some of the details behind the incident and an update on the aftermath:

The video shows an altercation that took place after the teen apparently got into a minor accident with the older driver, then fled. The older driver gave chase, caught the teen and tried to pull him out of his car. He also took the younger driver’s keys out of the ignition.

In the end, police issued no citations and both drivers apologized.

Considering how these incidents usually play out, the happy ending is a pleasant sight. If this was Russia, I’m pretty sure the kid would have a hatchet under his seat and he’d be reaching for it while the man hit him with a chain. There’d also be a bear in there somewhere, just walking by.

(Via KIT Newstalk)