An Old Newsreel Shows Benito Mussolini Telling Immigrants To ‘Make America Great’

Video has surfaced of Benito Mussolini telling immigrants to ‘make America great’ in 1927. It may be a little discomforting to see a ruthless dictator spout a version of Donald Trump’s campaign slogan.

A Fox News Service film shows the Italian dictator calling for hard-working immigrants to make the most of their situations. The video itself is a bit old, which brings into question of whether it is valid. Real or not, it’s still chilling to see Mussolini utilize this new form of media to help spread his word, much like the Republican presidential nominee has done. Mussolini was said to have been enthralled with film, feeling that if he could reach a group of Italian cities in one week with a filmed message he did not “need no other power.”

The Washington Post reported the number of Italian immigrants had grown to almost 1.8 million natives living in the U.S. in 1930, a reason for Mussolini to relay his message to the states. Although his accent is still very heavy, the gist of Mussolini’s statement is how he tips his cap to hard working Italian immigrants:

“I am very glad to be able to express my friendly feelings toward the American nation. Friendship with which Italy looks at millions of citizens who, from Alaska to Florida, from the Pacific to the Atlantic, live in the United States, Italy is deeply rooted in our hearts. This feeling created by mutual interests so contributed to preparation of an even brighter era in the lives of both nations. I greet with wonderful energy the American people and I see and recognize among you the salt of your land, as well as ours, my fellow citizens who are working to make America great.”

While Trump or anyone else for that matter was probably not aware of this old newsreel, it still feels like an odd omen for the future.

(via The Washington Post)