Vin Diesel Sparks ‘Avengers 2’ Rumors About The Vision With His Awesome Facebook Page

Vin Diesel’s Facebook page is an unbelievable treasure trove of WTF, and now it’s in the news for something other than the mesmerizing fan-made photoshops he posts for his 34 million (!) followers. He or whoever runs his Facebook page briefly added two new profile pictures and a new cover photo referencing Marvel character The Vision. That’s the same character some fans were hoping Clark Gregg could play in the upcoming Avengers 2.

There was no type of announcement to go along with the profile pictures, but the profile pictures are often of characters Vin Diesel plays in the movies. For example, the Vision profile picture has now been updated to a picture of The Iron Giant, who Vin Diesel voiced. [Comic Book]

The photos (below) were quickly removed from the page. We’re betting Diesel would like to play the character, but we doubt there’s any deal in place. I’m just depressed he added a new picture that wasn’t one of those amazing motivationals. How will we go on without a new photoshop of Vin Diesel on a background of red roses with poorly-contrasting text of an ambiguous, seemingly-positive sentiment? Put that picture of The Vision in a brandy snifter or get out of my face!

This is also one of Vin Diesel’s recent cover photos:

Hello, new desktop background.

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