Fox News Has Started Pulling Out The Long Knives For Smarmy Pharma Bro Vivek Ramaswamy

Swarmy pharma bro Vivek Ramaswamy, a self-proclaimed “scientist” who has “developed a number of medicines,” came out of the first GOP debate with some serious momentum thanks to the absence of Donald Trump. However, that surge has also put a target on his back that Fox News seems eager to fire at.

Shortly after Ramaswamy got slapped with a cease and desist from Eminem, who did not appreciate the pharma bro’s impromptu performance of “Lose Yourself” at the Iowa State Fair, the GOP candidate got grilled by Sean Hannity over his campaign policies regarding Israel. The two went at it almost immediately as Hannity hammered Ramaswamy and his penchant for saying he’s been misquoted.

Via Mediaite:

The interview became confrontational straight out of the gate after Hannity opened, “You said aid to Israel, our number one ally, only democracy in the region, should end in 2028 and that they should be integrated with their neighbors.”

“That’s false,” Ramaswamy protested.

“That was the exact quote. You want me to read it?” Hannity asked.

After Ramaswamy attempted to clarify his remarks, Hannity hit him again by asking if the candidate even understood “the importance of the strategic alliance” and “intelligence sharing in an area of the world where we have a lot of enemies.” Ramaswamy responded, “I understand it I think more deeply than probably anybody in this race.”

The Fox and Friends crew wasn’t convinced. The morning talk show aired clips from Ramaswamy’s interview with Hannity, and once again, hammered the GOP candidate for his questionable views on both Israel and China.

“I don’t get it,” Brian Kilmeade said, prompting Steve Doocy to respond, “He’s wrong about all that foreign policy stuff. It’s that easy.”

As for Ramaswamy’s claim to be a “scientist” who’s “developed a number of medicines,” here’s what the New York Times reported about that.

The reality of Mr. Ramaswamy’s business career is more complex, the story of a financier more than a scientist, and a prospector who went bargain hunting, hyped his vision, drew investment and then cashed out in two huge payouts — totaling more than $200 million — before his 35th birthday.

Mr. Ramaswamy’s enterprise is best known for a spectacular failure. As a 29-year-old with a bold idea and Ivy League connections, he engineered what was at the time the largest initial public offering in the biotechnology industry’s history — only to see the Alzheimer’s drug at its center fail two years later and the company’s value tank.

He’s starting to sound more and more like a less polished bullsh*t artist than Trump with each passing day.

(Via Mediaite)