Vivek Ramaswamy Actually Quoted Eminem While Responding To Eminem’s Cease And Desist Letter Demanding He Stop Rapping His Songs

Earlier this month, Republican primary candidate Vivek Ramaswamy went viral for his butchering of Eminem’s “Lose Yourself” during an impromptu performance at the Iowa State Fair. Clearly, Ramawswamy is a huge fan of the rapper, so it must have been especially neat for the GOP candidate to get hit with a cease and desist letter from Eminem.

Considering Eminem has been an outspoken critic of Donald Trump, and most musicians want nothing to do with Republican politicians, Ramaswamy should’ve seen this move coming. However, Ramaswamy has a penchant for spouting off, and he did exactly that when asked by MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell to respond to the cease and desist from Enimem.

Via Mediaite:

Yeah. Look, I think that I’ll respect his wishes, but I would just say: Will the real Slim Shady please stand up?

Eminem, in his rise, used to be a guy who actually stood up to the establishment and said the things that the establishment didn’t want him to say. I think the fact that my political viewpoints may differ from his, I think people change over the course of their lives.

But I have hope for him that he will one day rediscover the renegade that made him great. And I’m rooting for that success in his life.

To be clear, that was Vivek Ramaswamy essentially arguing that the Eminem of the early 2000s would’ve been… a Republican? Apparently, there’s nothing more “renegade” than abolishing the estate tax and outlawing gay marriage. There’s no way Eminem can come back from this one.

(Via Mediaite)