A Viral Video Of A Brawl At A Waffle House Has People Impressed By Their Staff’s Fighting Skills

It’s one of the happiest places on earth: Waffle House, the breakfast-leaning chain that occupies much of the South, has long fed late night eaters and roadside travelers. (Still, it has its detractors.) But a new viral video shows it’s not always so peaceful. Over Labor Day weekend, social media was entranced with footage of a brawl that broke out in an Atlanta outpost — and which could have been much worse had one of the cooks not shut it down.

The video first shows some female customers arguing with a male customer. What they say is difficult to ascertain, but you can hear one woman saying, “You should never say that.” She later says “let it go” after another woman starts engaging with the man.

The video then cuts to a Waffle House cook pulling the man from his seat. That’s when things get real. The man throws the first punch, but the remaining several more punches are thrown by the cook, who reluctantly brings the pain, over and over again.

The video received millions of views, as well as tons of joke reactions over Twitter. Some joked that all Waffle House employees are strong fighters.

One former Waffle House employee confirmed that take.

Others made jokes about Waffle House job interviews.

And others were reminded of Anthony Bourdain’s visit to Waffle House, where he declared the institution to be awesome.

(Via NY Post)