A Writer Came In Last In His Fantasy Football League And Suffered Through A Waffle House-Themed Punishment That Went Viral

Fantasy football is serious business with the right group, and one man took his punishment for finishing last very serious in a story that became a viral sensation on Twitter.

Lee Sanderlin, a journalist in Jackson, Mississippi, tweeted on Thursday that he would begin a punishment for finishing last in a fantasy football league that involved spending 24 hours in a Waffle House. The catch was that the time needed to fulfill that punishment would decrease by an hour for every waffle he consumed.

The tweet quickly gained traction on social media, with several sports reporters and other figures in the football world rooting him on. And he needed the help, because Sanderlin struggled with the challenge.

Sometime after waffle number six, Sanderlin says he threw up. Which, according to the rules established by the commissioner, did not mean he lost that hour he got for eating said waffle. If we’re allowed to be critical here, viewing this as an eating challenge and not a casual hang at Waffle House was the biggest problem. Starting with two waffles right off the bat and not slowly eating at a steady pace certainly amplified the feelings of regret and bloat.

And as many pointed out, this isn’t a unique challenge. Others have had similar punishments for fantasy sports failure, and some even fared significantly better than Sanderlin. They were also VERY generous with the tip.

Still, he did manage to finish by Friday morning after an all-nighter and nine waffles shortened the experience to a mere 15 hours.

It’s a learning lesson for everyone involved, and Sanderlin said many times on social media he wasn’t looking for donations, rather asking people to donate to local causes in their community. All in all, it’s a nice story and some unexpected good press for Waffle House. We’d like to wish him better luck at drafting a team next year so he doesn’t have to do this again.