These Kills Prove Michonne Is The Ultimate ‘Walking Dead’ Badass

The Walking Dead‘s Michonne has been an unstoppable force of nature capable of taking out anyone that dares to get in her way – both human and walker alike — since she debuted during the show’s second season finale (and the third season premiere when we finally got to meet Danai Gurira). We’ve seen her slice and dice her way through some of the worst situations imaginable too many times to think anything bad could ever happen to her. Whether or not this false sense of security will come back to bite us in the end, we’re not sure, but for now, let’s think of the good times and take a look at some of Michonne’s most epic kills. Because we all enjoy watching Michonne kill things, don’t we?

Her First (On-Screen) Kill

Andrea was the first person to meet Michonne when she was losing a fight against a walker in the woods. Suddenly, its head gets sliced in half and she looks up to see a hooded figure with two mouthless and armless walkers standing over her with a sword. What a build-up, right? It’s not clear how much experimenting she had to do first, but Michonne somehow figured out that if you cut off walkers’ mouths, they completely lose the urge to eat. So she made her former boyfriend and his best friend walk around with her as a form of camouflage. If that isn’t the definition of “badass,” I don’t know what is.

Farewell To A Troubled Past

Michonne had no choice but to literally cut ties with her old, solitary way of life when her “pets” almost gave away her and Andrea’s position.

The Walkers of Woodbury

Michonne was always suspicious of the Governor and the way he ran things in Woodbury and her suspicions were justified when she did some investigating and found a cage full of walkers. The jig was officially up and she was gone with a quickness. After killing all of the walkers and threatening the Governor first, of course.

Fighting Til The End

After fleeing Woodbury and having to leave Andrea behind, Michonne was off on her own again. This time, with no walkers to keep her from going (arguably, even more) insane. That’s when she saw Merle take Glenn and Maggie.

Michonne figured out that they came from the prison and stood outside, covered in walker guts with baby formula in her arms. Because that looks super inviting, right? With an injured leg, she fought off multiple walkers before passing out and being saved by Rick and Carl. If it wasn’t clear that Michonne would fight to the bitter end before, it was from then on.

The Governor’s Daughter, Penny

Anyone who’s still alive at this point in the series has had more than their fair share of loss. Whether their loved ones stayed dead or not is a different issue. For the Governor, that came when his daughter Penny was infected. Unable to cope, he kept her locked up in a closet and tried to act as if nothing was really wrong. When Michonne found out she was a walker and not some helpless little girl being held captive by her psychopathic father, she plunged her sword into the girl’s head.

Hershel’ Head

After the Governor overran the prison, everyone scattered. Michonne managed to come back, with two new walker pets of her own and stumbled across the zombified head of the late Hershel Greene. No one was ready to see this, including Michonne. This moment may not have been full of sword-swinging rage or done out of last resort self-defense, but this mercy kill still took some massive juevos if you ask me.

Therapeutic Zombie Killing

It looked like Michonne was backsliding something serious for a minute. She was alone and didn’t have anywhere to call home, again. So she used her two walkers to fit into a small herd and went wherever they went. But then she saw one that reminded her enough of herself – or what she could become – and snapped back to reality and killed the entire herd.

Bye-Bye, Mr. “The Governor”

While he wasn’t a walker, getting her shot at The Governor was a big thing for Michonne and still counts for this list. He’d made everyone’s life a living hell and ruined every single good thing they had going. Also, if you read the comics, he definitely had it coming. Which is why she left him to die a slow and painful death. Too bad he made enemies out of a lot of people and got shot in the head a couple minutes later. We’ll give Michonne the win, though.

Getting Some Frustration Out

Sometimes you just need to let your frustrations out and in the post-apocalypse, the best way is probably killing walkers. Also, if you can help save a friend from a suicide mission, that helps too. Michonne and Tara went to check on Sasha, who was on a zombie killing rampage, but then they wound up in the middle of a zom-bush. To be honest, this scene was just a cool way to kill a bunch of zombies.