'The Walking Dead' Pays Tribute To 'Office Space,' The Internet Responds Accordingly

I’m just about always in DVR catch-up mode with The Walking Dead so I haven’t actually watched the subtle tribute to Office Space they pulled off Sunday night in context with the episode. I think that’s probably a good thing though, because now I’ll appreciate it even more and, more importantly, won’t have to kick myself after the fact for not picking up on it. I’ll also have Geto Boys lyrics freshly in my brain for recall.

Our Dr. Who-loving siblings have been debating whether The Walking Dead has earned the audience’s trust back, and I have to say it’s little nods to the audience’s collective intelligence like this one that will swing the balance back in their favor for me.

So of course seconds after the scene aired ambitious video editors raced to YouTube to slow it down and lay “Die Motherf*ckers Die” over it. YouTuber spidermann26’s version has been deemed the preferred choice of the internet. Watch in all its spoiler-y, NSFW glory after the jump. I was going to embed the Office Space original for comparison’s sake, but there are so many lame reenactments out there my search ended in me plotting a rampage against every dork with a camcorder.

YouTube via The High Definite