Want To See Some Photos Of Deadpool On Set? Sure You Do!

Deadpool has started filming, beginning auspiciously in an alley behind a strip club, and the shoot is wasting no time making with the action sequences. They’re also not doing that annoying “hide the star behind a towel” thing, either, so spectators have been able to get an eyeful of Wade Wilson.

No, he’s wearing pants. See?

There’s also a shaky, long-distance set video which would seem to indicate that the movie is remaking the action sequence that started it all:

There are two subtle but interesting points here. The first is that they actually kept the little peak on the back of his head, which is a goofy but amusing detail. Secondly, any concerns about him running around without his mask appear to be unfounded, and it looks like we’ll be getting Deadpool’s trademark animated eyes; there appear to be little studs on the mask’s eyes to guide animators.

Expect a lot more footage and photos to pop up; the production seems to not be bothered by fans watching as long as they don’t get in the way. Really, why wouldn’t Deadpool want spectators?

Source: Pursuit23