Warner Bros. Wins Comic Con By Announcing ‘Batman/Superman’ Crossover Movie

Well, it seems as though Warner Bros. arrived at Comic-Con thinking they had something to prove. The studio held a lengthy, two-and-a-half hour plus panel this afternoon, covering upcoming movies such as Seventh Son, Godzilla, World of Warcraft, 300: Rise of an Empire, Gravity, The Lego Movie and Edge or Tomorrow. Hmmm, and they also mentioned something else…what was it again…ohhh right, they announced a freakin’ Batman/Superman crossover movie for 2015! Hoooly s–t guys.

– Okay, first off, Batman/Superman. It’s being directed by Zack Snyder and written by David Goyer and the cast of Man of Steel will all be returning, so for better or worse (in my opinion it’s mostly better) this movie will likely feel a lot like Man or Steel.

What’s the movie going to be about exactly? Well, Warner’s is keeping tight-lipped, but this line was dropped before the official announcement…

“I want you to remember Clark, in all the years to come. In all your private moments. In all the years to come, my hand at your throat. I want you to remember, the one man who beat you.”

Yeah. I have a feeling they may be leaving the “old man Batman” part out, but it seems like the movie may, in part, be based on Dark Knight Returns. Or maybe Zack Snyder just thinks that’s a cool line. Well, anyways, here’s the logo courtesy of ComingSoon

Now, onto non-Batman/Superman news. I know, I know, but not everything can be about Batman and Superman punching each other…

– Warner’s debuted a new trailer for their somewhat troubled Godzilla movie, which we’ll post here if and when it hits the Internet. Apparently it showed a fairly “classic” looking Godzilla battling other kaiju including one that’s been described as “insect-like”, Godzilla is way bigger than the insect-kaiju and it seems clear he’s going to kick it’s ass.

Also, apparently Bryan Cranston attempted to take his pants off during the panel, so there’s that.

– The World of Warcraft movie is back on and will begin shooting early next year. It’s being directed by Duncan Jones (the director of indie sci-fi favorites Moon and Source Code). They showed a short “mood piece” featuring a fallen soldier picking of a shield and readying himself to face an oncoming wave of orcs.

– They showed a new trailer for 300: Rise of an Empire. The movie is going to be both a prequel and a sequel as the trailer focused on Xerxes’ journey to becoming a “God King” and also featured a major naval battle that takes place after the events of the original 300. The director Noel Murray called the sequel a “zoomed out” 300 — in other words, it gives more context and focuses more on things happening outside of battle.

– They showed an extended version of the Gravity clip you’ve probably already seen. You know, the one where the space station blows up. Not a ton of new information, but director Alfonso Cuaron confirmed that Sandra Bullock and George Clooney will be the only two actors in the Gravity, and that the film will be taking a “realistic” approach, with much of the movie being totally silent because “in space nobody can hear you scream” and all that.

The Lego Movie is going to have everyone in it. Channing Tatum as Superman! Jonah Hill as Green Lantern! Will Arnett as Batman! Cobie Smulders as Wonder Woman! Will Ferrell as the bad guy!

And that’s about it. Well, actually there was also a new trailer for Seventh Son, and a teaser for Tom Cruise’s new time travelling mech-battling movie Edge of Tomorrow, but this post is already too long as is.

So yeah, way to steal the show WB. Again, if and when any of the above-mentioned trailers appear online I’ll add them to this post. Until then you’re stuck with your damn, movie and TV-addled imagination.

(via Shock Till You Drop. Superman/Batman logo via ComingSoon. Other pics and info via Collider)