Watch A Bunch Of Dudes Experience ‘Playboy’ Magazines For The First Time

Back when I was a kid I mostly had friends that were boys, so one fun thing my boy friends would like to do was search out my father’s stash of Playboy magazines — which were usually just behind the bathroom hamper. I guess since my parents only had girls he never thought it was imperative to conceal them very well. In any case, I come from a generation where for most kids and adolescents, the first ever glimpse of a bona fide naked lady was from Playboy magazine.

Of course now you can literally see boobs anywhere on the internet, from XXX sites a plenty to, oh, Chelsea Handler’s social media — so it boggles my mind that kids born after like 1990 have like, never picked up a Playboy. As such, Buzzfeed put together the above video of millennial guys checking out Playboy for the first time, going back all the way from the ’60s to today.

It’s kind of sad, in a way. Hugh Hefner is still out there in the Playboy Mansion pretending like he’s still got feeling in his dick, and meanwhile these dudes are comparing his empire to “the McDonald’s of naked people.” The end of an era, my friends…