Watch A Guy Take A Bullet To The Nads To Test ‘The World’s Strongest Athletic Cup’

Jeremiah Raber is on a noble mission to protect the groins of America’s youth. He’s the owner and founder of Nutshellz, a company that produces what he claims is the “the world’s strongest and most comfortable groin protector.” Nutshellz are currently only available in adult sizes, but Raber is hoping to raise $30,000 with Kickstarter to start a youth line of athletic cups.

In fact, Raber is so confident that his product is the best, he recently conducted a very scientific experiment to prove it. And by “very scientific experiment,” I mean he had a buddy shoot him in the nuts with a high-powered rifle. If a guy willing to almost get his dick blown off in the name of his product doesn’t encapsulate the consummate entrepreneurial spirit, then I don’t know what does.

(Via BroBible)