Watch As A Getty Photographer Gets Arrested In Ferguson This Evening

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08.18.14 11 Comments

The number of reporters and media personnel currently working to bring nonstop live news via social media from Ferguson, Missouri seems to be growing by the hour, and it certainly makes it difficult to separate the valid news sources from those who are misleading. However, Animal New York’s Amy K. Nelson has been Tweeting constant updates of firsthand observations, events and even arrests as they unfold in Ferguson, as she provided an incredible account of last night’s standoff between police and protesters, some arrests of citizens for violations of the curfew, and even one man in handcuffs being maced.

Earlier this evening, Nelson recorded and shared cell phone video of veteran Getty photographer Scott Olson being arrested for allegedly not staying in a “certain area” that police told media personnel to remain in. While details are unknown, the video shows that the officers certainly weren’t in the mood to explain.

Additionally, here are three clips that show the arrest of an unnamed citizen, as the officer repeatedly asks if he has “anything illegal” on him.

part of of this man's arrest #ferguson

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Nelson also recorded footage of the peaceful protesters marching and chanting at approximately 5:51 PM central time.

status update 5:51PM local time streets of #Ferguson

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(Clips via Amy K. Nelson, Animal New York)

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