Watch A Couple Break Up By Only Saying The Title Of 154 Different Movies

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02.12.14 4 Comments

A lesson before dying: Love stinks. Um…something something 12 years a slave. Speaking in only movie titles is tough, but it can be done, even when you’re breaking up with someone, as the folks! (Tom Selleck movie titles count double!) at POYKPAC Comedy show us in their new video, “Movie Title Breakup.”

Over 150 titles are mentioned, including everything from Say Anything to Just Go with It to A Low Down Dirty Shame to My Baby’s Daddy, the Say Anything of Eddie Griffin movies where a pregnant woman falls in love with a lesbian midwife. It’s weird they didn’t mention one classic film, though. You’d think Naughty College School Girls 43 would be easy to slip into casual conversation.

Happy Valentines Day week, everyone!

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