Watch A Man Lose His Sh*t In A McDonald's Drive Thru And Punch Another Driver

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04.02.14 7 Comments
A 68-year-old wait-for-it Florida man, Howard Carl Wilson, was charged with battery after he attacked a woman in a McDonald’s drive-thru Saturday night in Winter Haven. The drive-thru was apparently a double-lane drive-thru, which — I’m not even sure how that works — but Wilson became full of Hulk senior citizen rage after he felt that the woman cut him off. From WPTV:

Witnesses heard Wilson yelling profanities and racial slurs through his window towards the other vehicle. After a few moments, Wilson exited his van and approached the passenger side of the vehicle where Thomas was sitting.

Thomas opened her door to ask Wilson what his problem was. The encounter continued for almost two minutes and Thomas is seen in the video trying to close her door multiple times.

Wilson held her door open prohibiting Thomas from closing it while he continued yelling at her. As vehicles ahead of them began moving forward, Wilson reached in the vehicle and punched Thomas in the face.

Although this is easy to compare to the other Florida road rage incident, with only a cursory knowledge of the situation that took place I don’t know if I’d call it “road rage” so much as “the hangries.” See what happens when you make a man wait too long for his quarter-pounder with cheese? He turns into a violent racist. You’re welcome, McDonald’s — I just handed you your new marketing slogan.

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