Watch Prophet Play Predator in the First Full Crysis 3 Trailer

Crytek and EA released the first full trailer for Crysis 3 yesterday, and surprise surprise, the game’s graphics look pretty darn good!

Crysis 3 is promised to be a return to the style of the original Crysis, with Prophet, the protagonist of the first game, making his return. Prophet will find himself in a version of New York City that’s been turned into a twisted urban jungle — which conveniently gives Crytek’s fancy new engine a chance to render all sorts complex plant life. It appears Prophet will be doing his best Predator impersonation, using a new hi-tech bow and blades to take out many of his enemies.

Check out the hot archery action for yourself after the jump…

Visual overload! Too much going on! If the whole game’s like this I’d have to play it in 2-minute bursts.

via The Daily What