Listen To This 3rd Grader Passionately Explain Why The World Needs Books

11.30.14 4 years ago

8 year old Madison Reid of Cleveland’s Wade Park School loves books. I mean she really loves books. REALLY. During the grand opening for a new Little Free Library at her school, WKYC Channel 3 had a chance to interview the 3rd grader and were pleasantly surprised by her passion and dramatic flair.
It’s pretty refreshing to see a child so excited about the written word. Like Madison says, the world needs books:

“They fuel our minds like cars and gas! Without books, the world would be empty like a bucket without water!”

I whole heartedly agree with you, Madison. But be warned, if a pop up book suddenly appears in your room titled The Babadook, run!

(Via: YouTube / Slashfilm)

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