Watch This Pancake Master Cook The Original 151 Pokémon As Pancakes

Cooking one Pokémon into a pancake is quite difficult, but cooking 151 Pokémon pancakes is really quite amazing.

Daniel Drake, also known as Dr. Dancake, decided to take on the challenge of making 151 Pokémon characters as pancakes. The 151 creatures make up the whole roster of Pokémon from Red and Blue, including Poliwrath, Bellsprout, Ninetales, and Snorlax.

I was always proud of myself when I managed the rare Mickey Mouse pancake without breaking off the ears, but I’ve never seen anything quite like Dr. Dancake’s work. He seems shocked by his sudden YouTube success and posted on Twitter about the video’s first 25,000 views.

To be honest, I am not all that surprised that his Pokémon pancakes have gone viral. His video combines three things that the internet loves: Pokémon, art, and food, especially breakfast food.

Via Kotaku