Watch This Russian Policeman Commandeer A Random Car To Give Hot Pursuit

What we see in this video is allegedly a policeman in Russia pulling a Frank Drebin and commandeering a random vehicle passing by to give chase to a reckless driver. The uploader for the video added this comment to give a little background to what was happening:

In “Chevrolet” 2 kid, 20 years old – 23 seems drunk. The driver had no resistance from the survey refused. Passenger was released, the driver was detained.

Still, it’s a pretty crazy chase. I don’t know if it is crazy by Russian standards considering their tendency to pull hatchets and bats on each other, but I do think it’s pretty wild by our conservative Western standards. We’re more used to the back road type chases.

(Via Daily of the Day / Олег Фалалеев)