We Know One Actor Who Will Make It To ‘Star Wars: Episode VIII’

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We’re assuming that Star Wars: Episode VII will see some attrition just because the cast is freakin’ enormous and as a rule, that means not everybody makes it out. But at least one of the new team is going to survive… so who is it?

According to Deadline, which is breathlessly covering the agent squabble to hire her, it’s Daisy Ridley. Yes, yes, we know:

Here’s Kurp’s recap of who she is and what you may have seen her in. Unsurprisingly, it’s believed that starring in one of the more highly anticipated trilogy of movies to hit screens over the next few years will make her marketable in other respects, even though we have no idea what role she’s playing.

Of course, that career bump may be largely illusory: After all, Chris Evans is debating hanging up Cap’s shield altogether since nobody seems to care when he does anything else. But hey, hope springs eternal in the film industry. And it’s nice to see some optimism surrounding Star Wars from Hollywood, even if it’s just about the potential to make money.

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