That Weird Sad Kid From ‘Iron Man 3’ Is The Star Of ‘Jurassic World’

Remember those weird scenes from the middle of Iron Man 3 where Tony Stark hung out with and verbally abused this sad kid with no dad and an also weirdly absent mom? One of my favorite parts of a great movie! Or, uh, not.

Well that kid was 12-year-old Ty Simpkins, and reports are he’ll soon trade in snarky Robert Downey Jr. for snappy dinos as star of Jurassic World. Presumably the movie will also star some adults (Bryce Dallas Howard will also be in the movie) but plucky kids being menaced by dinos has always been an important part of the Jurassic Park series. The fact that this kid is being described as the “lead” actor in the movie seems to indicate the series won’t be straying far from it’s roots, and might even be going more kid-friendly.

In other news, Jake Johnson (one of the non-Zooey Deschanel guys from New Girl) may also be up for a role, presumably as the movie’s eccentric funny guy. You’ve got some big, Jeff Goldblum-sized shoes to fill Jake.

via Deadline Hollywood