‘Whatchu Know ‘Bout Goosebumps?’: Video Explains Why The ’90s Kind Of Sucked

As much as I love the ’90s, what with its Coolio and Tickled Elmos, I also hate the ’90s. Or specifically, I hate the idolization of things from the 1990s that aren’t worth being remembered. Figure It Out? I loved it when I was 8, but I recently watched an episode — AWFUL. Sorry, Kordell Stewart covered in slime.

YouTube user “PauseDa90s” takes us on a tour of his bedroom, which is still decked out with Saved by the Bell posters, Game Gear systems, and Bart Simpson’s Guide to Life books, pointing out why the 1990s kind of blew. For instance, when showing his video game system, “That sh*t says Jordan vs. Bird. That sh*t was like $49.99 when it came out. The game was just Jordan vs. Bird. There was no other players. You got Magic Johnson? NO. You were either Jordan or f*cking Bird.” And don’t even get him started on batteries. REAL TALK.